A website doesn’t need to cost you $$$$$$$s

The cheapest way to get a website:

  1. Build it yourself : 
    I’ve got nothing against ‘building your own’ website and I’m for all for saving money but while you may save in the short term, experience has shown me that generally you’ll just end up paying for someone to fix it  or rebuild.  It’s a gamble and if you have a family member or friend who thinks they can do it then good luck!!!
  2. Start off small
    If you’re just starting out and you’re on a budget you don’t need a website with all bells and whistles.  The main thing is to make sure the content is relevant to your business, you are giving your customers the information they need, they can navigate easily and it looks great. Most small businesses only need a few pages when they start out: Home, About, Services, Contact.  This is enough pages for Google to start ranking if you have some quality content on there and enough pages for information for your customers. Websites can grow as your business grows and are easy to add more pages and content to.
  3. Your budget
    If you have a budget tell us and we can tailor a website to meet your needs and your budget. Try us you may be surprised what can be achieved.  Like I said if you start off small you’re saving money while also getting your business a web presence. 
  4. Save money by doing your own editing
    We build in WordPress with Divi CMS and this means you can do the editing yourself on any device. Training is provided and it’s not hard!  You can get us to do your web maintenance but if you’re saving on costs the option is always there for you to do. Another way to save those $s
  5. Do you really need a website?
    Of course I’m going to say yes! but really yes websites are still an invaluable platform for promoting your business. Giving your business a web presence doesn’t just mean social media, having a facebook or instagram business page. These tools are all extremely helpful but not everyone uses them and having a website will definitely help your business be found by everyone.
  6. How much will it cost?
    It totally depends on what you want on the site, how many pages or if you want an ecommerce shop.  See current prices here for our websites start which including training on how to edit (by the way, editing is not hard for you to do)
  7. What are the ongoing costs?
    After you’ve paid for the website to be built your ongoing costs will be a) hosting your website. This is a fixed yearly cost to host your website on our servers so it will be seen live on the internet.  b) Domain registration is a 2 yearly fee.  c) Other costs could be any maintenance you need or added features to the website.  d) Website Backup and Update Service where your site theme, WordPress version and plugins are always up to date keeping your site secure.  See Matilda’s prices.

Providing affordable website costs, doesn’t mean cutting corners on quality and efficiency and I definitely know our s***!  It’s not just building a site and making it look great, it has to work on mobile devices and work for your business.  There’s a bit more that goes on behind the scenes too and in order for your website to rank well there’s lots of things to consider and implement which I’ve got heaps of experience in. 

Check out our website portfolio too for some inspiration 🙂