Top Tip 1: Get rid of banner slideshows at the top of your homepage

Just have an image with your single most important message ‘above the fold’ of your website. Most people don’t sit and wait for sliders to show you each slide so do away with your slider; added bonus – your page will load faster with a single image and message.

Top Tip 2: Make it easy for customers to contact you

This is a great mark of customer service and transparency for your business. If a customer can’t easily contact you, you immediately lose trust as well as sales. Put a link or contact email and phone number on every page. 

Top Tip 3: Don’t ask customers to buy straight away

Customers need to get acquainted with your product or service before you even talk about the price so remove anything that refers to buying from ‘above the fold’ of your website. 

Top Tip 4: Use ‘trust signs’ on your website

If nothing else make sure your website has an SSL certificate and is https as if it’s not web browsers immediately label your site insecure and people just won’t buy from your site. Other trust signs include, Norton Security or Google Trusted Store.

Top Tip 5: Include images with your testimonials

Amazon do this, a customer posts a photo of the product with their testimonial – users can relate to the customers who wrote the testimonials. Testimonials can be a massive way to increase sales on your website. 

Top Tip 6: Use a one click checkout process

Like Amazon who use a one click order it cuts out the checkout process so you don’t lose customers along the way with too many steps. 

Top Tip 7: Get rid of the navigation bar at Checkout

You can remove the navigation bar through the whole checkout process so customers aren’t tempted to click out and leave. 

Top Tip 8: Use Live Chat

One of my favourites as I love using Live Chat!  This way you allow customers to get quick access to you with their questions – great customer service. You can have live chat on your phone and schedule when you’re available.

Top Tip 9: Offer Free Shipping

Incorporate shipping into your costs – you could offer free shipping when they spend over $50 for example.  That way they spend a little more than they were initially considering. If you have to at least go for Flat Rate so it’s one rate for all.

Top Tip 10: Sound like your customers when you write your copy

Lose the formality and use your customers language when talking about your products and services. You can get an idea of this from testimonials – another way to relate to your customers on their level. 

To Conclude:

 Applying all or some of these top tips is really going to help you increase your sales – they’re all doable and not going to take you a long time to implement.  Ultimately you want to increase your conversions and sales with your website so I hope these can get your business doing exactly that.